Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Please, I Need Help

Please, anybody, I need help commenting on certain others blogs ( TRANSITIONING PAST for example ). It's all part of my computer ignorance. I click on the respond by GOOGLE ACCOUNT, but I can't get my comment to go through. If any of you girls can help me, please do. If Debra is listening, maybe she can help,PLEASE.
And I am trying to put together another blog and publish it as soon as possible.


  1. Another blogger had a problem leaving comments too, she could only do so on blogs which had the comment form in a pop-up box as you have it. She is a Mac user, are you? It went away for her when she upgraded to a more recent machine. All I can suggest is that you make sure you have the most recent version of your browser.

  2. Hi Cynthia!

    There's probably a simple reason why it's not working. Are you logged into GMail when you try to file a comment?

    I'm going to refresh myself on the process as I click send on this one, even though I file comments several times a day, lol.

    Welcome to the blog world!

    Calie xxx

  3. @Jenny,

    Yes I am using a MAC. I have the latest update for firefox, and I have the latest OS available for the computer. I'll try to make sure about the Gmail login part. Do you mean I have to sign in at the followers member sign in on each respective blog site?

    Thank you Jenny,


  4. @ Calie,

    Thank you for responding to my request. I'm going to try all of your helpful hints.

    Maybe Debra will have some more hints as well.

    Thanks to all of you,


  5. Oh, and get that "Follower thingie" going, girl!

  6. @Calie,

    Sorry Calie, I have to plead ignorance. I don't know what you are talking about. I said I'm technologically challenged. Maybe we have a computer geek out there somewhere who can help me. I hope what you are talking about is the answer though.


  7. Hi Cynthia

    As some others have suggested, if it's asking you to login before leaving a comment, I suggest instead of logging in right at that screen to instead:

    1. Go to your own blog
    2. Click on Dashboard
    3. If it prompts you to login , then do so. If not, it should bring you to your dashboard where you can edit your own blog.
    4. Go back to my blog or the blog you want to comment on and try commenting then.

    See if that works...or maybe try Chrome or Safari instead of Firefox? Hope this helps.

  8. @ Debra

    Thanks ever so much for the tips. I'll try all of this and see what happens.

    Have been following your posts for quite a while now...have enjoyed and learned a lot.

    Thanks again,


  9. I have had similar problems commenting on various where after choosing my profile, (google) and hitting the "post comment'button, I sent to a "blogger" signin page. after signing in I am asked to type in the "challenge word" TEN...instaed of posting the comment or telling me to wait for "approval" I am AGAIN sent to the Blogger sign in page in an endless loop

  10. @ Anne

    Hi Anne, thanks for writing.

    I'm not even getting sent anywhere. after typing my comment and selecting Google, I then either select preview or publish and my comment just disappears. You never know if it went anywhere. It's frustrating. It only happens where there is the simplified window to comment in. I'll just keep trying to fix it.

    Now I can't comment to Jen's blog. Something changed.

    Thanks to everyone for your help,